Hi-Light can be understood as an area of lightness or the most interesting or memorable par. The three characteristics of our brand are high technology, high performance and light weight.  The logo is based on the initials of ‘Hi-Light’, H&L is visualized in the shape of arrow.  The logo includes the element of arrow feather.  Because it plays the role of balance and maintains the direction, contains aerodynamic features with light weight.  The arrow feather is an essential part of arrow like wings.  In addition, the logo also contains the element of aurora.  The aurora is rare and dazzling with the flowing radial light band.  Outdoor enthusiasts who yearn for nature have a unique emotion to aurora.  Like high technology, it is rare, precious, and attractive.

Titanium alloy

Titanium alloy is a kind of silvery white transition metal, which does not shine by itself. But it combines high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, low density, nonmagnetic and biocompatibility, it is widely used in the field of aerospace, marine, automotive industry, medical science, sports, outdoors and life. It can indeed ‘SHINE YOUR LIFE’.

Nothing looks like Titanium.

Nothing rides like Titanium.

Nothing lasts like Titanium.