A successful frame design requires a lot of effort.It is not as simple as drawing a picture to make the frame. The 3D drawing design needs to be adjusted repeatedly according to the finite element analysis fatigue ,stiffness, impact results base on the ISO 4210 .According to the results of finite element analysis, the performance and appearance of the frame are adjusted step by step and the design of the frame is optimized while the strength is guaranteed.A lot of work needs to be done on the design before the frame can be sampled.Adjusted to the optimal design then can do the sample, the sample came out need to use test equipment machine to test the fatigue ,stiffness and impact, if the test pass, the frame can be normal production, if not pass it requires more energy to test various links, such as the finite element analysis, the production process, raw materials and so on, a series of factors.Every successful case is the unity of all parts of the struggle.

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