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We offer custom-made Ti frame service to the worldwide! We believe that the unique is a great spirit of titanium, you deserve the one of a kind Ti bike only belongs to you, made by the exact requirements in your mind, has the suitable geometry, favorable finishing options, etc.You can decide what your bike will like from choosing tubing materials, tubing shapes, to the decals, your unique logos. We can laser etching your name on it, carving your 3D logo on the head tube, even your motto etched on the frame, we also offer you a unique service to translate your words into classic Chinese, give your Ti bike the miraculous oriental culture, make your Ti bike so special from others, what a cool thing!

Welcome to custom-make your dream bike, make your own brand! We treat every individual customer sincerely, as an OEM factory we think every individual custom-make customer is as important as those world brands, it’s the beginning of a brand, your own brand! We are glad to help you to make it happen, we will listen carefully to every detail that you desired, make useful suggestions for you and dare to innovate, work together as a team to create your unique Ti bike, our R&D crew will support you from end to end, for the great purpose: your own brand.

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