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Tailforce,From Australia

Surrounded by the sea, Australia is the larger country of Oceania and the countries of the southern hemisphere. With a per capita land area of 0.353 square kilometers, it is one of the wider countries in the world, with a variety of natural landscapes, including tropical rain forests, the desert nicknamed the "Red Center", the famous coast and the natural heritage of the Great Barrier Reef. Such a country suitable for tourism has also cultivated an extremely large outdoor interest group at home and abroad.

Tailforce, founded in Melbourne in 2015 by a group of young Australians who love bicycles, is dedicated to creating bikes of their own. From the marathon to the triathlon, they have been active in the sports field. The bicycle is not only an indispensable comrade in the competition field, but also a good partner in life to carry them to see the world. Pursuing individuality, focusing on design and emphasizing on quality. Based on their love for bicycles, Taiforce team is undoubtedly better aware of how to give play to the better performance and use requirements of various functional bicycles.

Tailforce symbol modelling of inspiration, namely national treasure kangaroo comes from Australia, with the combination of speed and strength of the kangaroo, like Tailforce products, reliable and trustworthy, each produced Tailforce bike, just like a kangaroo tail, when you run your arms provide a powerful support and balance, let you more free, go forward, running freely on the continent of Australia.

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