Titanium factory



Titanium Factory

The design team

Hang Lun have professional, innovation, research and development team, with years of experience and excellent design capability, the combination of high-end software design and hardware testing equipment, using the product of 2 d drawings, 3 d modeling, rendering and finite element analysis of appearance and mechanics performance test software, innovation, produce a good appearance, high strength, rigid weight than the best product. The design and manufacturing scheme has won many international awards such as innovation Award, Gold Award and best industrial design Award.

Production and processing

The company has a professional processing center, CNC machine tools, ordinary machine tools, stamping, wire cutting and other professional equipment. In addition, it has the fatigue shock test and rigid test equipment in accordance with international standards. In addition, a number of new vacuum heat treatment furnace, laser cutting, laser welding, electron beam cutting and 3D printing titanium alloy and other high-tech equipment. The introduction of dewaxing casting, vacuum heat treatment, special-shaped tube processing and other production technologies, improve the production and processing technology of titanium alloy, to provide customers with more better and better titanium alloy manufacturing and processing technology.


Fame creates value under heaven

Over the past 30 years, relying on powerful aerospace manufacturing technology, we have been focusing on the design, development and production of high-grade titanium alloy sports bicycles and related sports equipment. So far in the domestic has been far ahead of the position, the ship and many titanium alloy bicycle famous brands in the world cooperation, and established a long-term stable cooperative relations. It has strong competitiveness and influence in the international community.


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