Titanium Factory

  Titanium Factory

The Design Team

With years of experience and excellent design capabilities, combining with high-end software design and hardware testing equipment, the professional and innovative research and development team from Hang Lun applies appearance and mechanical properties testing software such as 2D drawing, 3D modeling, rendering, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and so on to continously innovate and produce products which have beautiful appearance, high strength and best rigid weight ratio. The design and manufacturing scheme has won many international awards such as Innovation Award, Gold Award and Best Industrial Design Award.


Manufacturing and Processing

The company has a professional equipment such as processing centers, CNC machine tools, ordinary machine tools, stamping, wire cutting, etc. Besides, it has fatigue impact testing and rigidity testing equipment that meets international standards. In addition, a number of high-tech equipment such as vacuum heat treatment furnaces, laser cutting, laser welding, electron beam cutting and 3D printing titanium alloy has been added. What's more, to improve the titanium alloy production and processing technology, various production technologies such as dewaxing casting, vacuum heat treatment, and special-shaped tube processing are brought in, which make us comprehensively provide customers with more, better and more excellent titanium manufacturing and processign technologies.



Fame Creates Value under Heaven

For 30 years, relying on strong aerospace manufacturing technology, Hang Lun has been focusing on the design, development and production of high-end titanium sports bicycles and related sports equipment.  Hang Lun has passed high-tech enterprise certification and ISO quality system certification. So far, Hang Lun has been in a leading position in China for long time. When cooperating with many well-known brands of titanium bicycles in the world, Hang Lun also has established long-term stable cooperative relations with them. The strong competitiveness and influence of Hang Lun can not be ignored in the international community. 


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